“Mecca’s Article…”

by on May 2, 2006


I find Mr. Mecca’s article both amusing and ironic. It seems that every second article in Beyond Chron is a diatribe against property owners, landlords, or homeowners (who are not, incidentally, one homogenous group). While demonizing landlords, most of these articles also demonize homeownership. I’m sorry to disagree with Mr. Mecca, but not all homeowners are homophobic or racist, or have a mindset stuck in 1952. And not all renters are saints.

You can regulate rentals until the cows come home, but when the rules become too onerous, or the rental business becomes unprofitable, apartments and rental houses will simply come off the market, or not be built at all. Then rents will really go up. The law of supply and demand still applies, even in San Francisco.

It seems to me that the best way to get out from under the thumb of “the man” (aka the landlord) is to own your own house and control, at least a little bit, your residential destiny. Local “progressive” Chris Daly understands that and owns his house. Many other progressives do, as well. Certainly, not everyone can afford to own a home in San Francisco (I can’t), but most families with two earners can afford a house somewhere in this country; homeownership is at 70% or so, countrywide.

Not a landlord, not a Republican, but a happy Oakland homeowner.


Fred Massell Oakland

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