Chronicle’s Top Ten Local Stories: What About Julie Lee?

Posted December 30, 2004 by Randy Shaw

The Chronicle’s December 30 list of top ten local stories of the year included the scandal surrounding Secretary of State Kevin Shelley but omitted the person chiefly responsible for the politician’s problems: Housing Authority Commissioner Julie Lee. Lee, a close
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Disposable People by Kevin Bales

Posted December 30, 2004 by Colin Bosio-Cady

There are more slaves now than ever before in history, there are also fewer per capita then ever before. Though I haven’t seen a study documenting it yet it also seems safe to claim that slavery is receiving less attention
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Catholic Women, the Church and Me

Posted December 29, 2004 by Thea Lavin

After last November’s elections, my opinion of conservative Christians plummeted to an all- time low. It was around that same time that I read progressive journalist Barbara Ehrenreich’s article, “The Faith Factor,” in which she argued that secular-type democrats, like
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School Beat

Posted December 29, 2004 by Sally Payson Hays

(This week’s column continues the overview of the implementation of Proposition H, passed in 2003, which will provide City funding to the San Francisco Unified School District.)The planning for the disbursement of City funding to San Francisco’s public schools as
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The Bay Guardian Needs a Fact Checker

Posted December 27, 2004 by Randy Shaw

The Bay Guardian spent millions buying a building in lower Potrero Hill, but now seems unable to afford fact checkers. That’s the most charitable explanation for its wildly inaccurate story and editorial on Supervisor Maxwell’s zoning controls for the Potrero
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Posted December 27, 2004 by Irvin Muchnick

Just as Bob Hope used to entertain the troops in Vietnam, so today does Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment fill that role in the testosterone-bulked mutation of Vietnam we call the Iraq war. This week a special edition of the
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