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When Will San Francisco’s Tourists Return?

Posted July 20, 2021 by

Workers, Businesses Await Tourism Revival The pandemic has shown how dependent San Francisco’s working and middle-class is on a thriving tourist industry. The hospitality industry offers the city’s largest share of blue-collar jobs. Its virtual closure has been devastating. Thousands
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When Will San Francisco Really Reopen?

Posted June 29, 2021 by

Small Businesses Need Reopened Government Buildings If you visit San Francisco’s Civic Center, Mid-Market or downtown, you might wonder whether you only imagined Governor Newsom’s June 15 announcement “reopening” California. These virtual ghost neighborhoods still await the return of the
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San Francisco’s Toxic Political Culture

Posted June 22, 2021 by

Activists Also Need Code of Conduct San Francisco politics is no joyride. Its toxicity goes well beyond “bullying” by City Hall officials. That a progressive activist recently felt entitled to steal school recall petitions reflects a city that often rewards
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San Francisco’s Upcoming Election Brawl

Posted May 4, 2021 by

Fierce Contests Potentially Ahead for City Attorney, School Board Those hoping for an off-year election break got some bad news last week: the Governor’s recall will be on the November 2021 ballot and San Francisco could see three heavily contested
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