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Beyond Chron Celebrates 17th Birthday

Posted April 6, 2021 by

Boosting Tenant, Housing and Tenderloin Issues for 17 Years Beyond Chron was launched on April 7, 2004. Why did the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and a tech-unsavvy activist like me start an online publication? Beyond Chron emerged in response to the
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All private bath Garland Hotel is available for city lease or purchase

Good News for SF’s Homeless

Posted March 23, 2021 by

City Adopts New Strategy, Leadership Last week brought some very welcome news to San Francisco’s roughly 6000 unhoused people living in tents, shelters and on the street. First, a new referral strategy for filling vacancies in the city’s master leased
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San Francisco’s Failed Homeless Strategy

Posted February 23, 2021 by

Coordinated Entry Keeps People Unhoused From 1999 through 2018, San Francisco rapidly filled vacancies in its nonprofit master leased SROs providing permanent supportive housing. Since 2019,  vacancies have exploded. What changed? At the end of 2018 San Francisco began an
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Attack on SF Ferris Wheel Revives War on Fun

Posted February 16, 2021 by

Opponents Misunderstand Golden Gate Park To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Golden Gate Park, the 150 foot high Skystar Observation Wheel  was installed near the California Academy of Science and de Young Museum. While the pandemic closed the Ferris Wheel
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Phil Matier’s Powerful Impact

Posted February 2, 2021 by

Old School Reporter Leaves SF Chronicle, Stays on Beat Phil Matier, arguably the Bay Area’s most influential reporter over the past four decades, has written his last column for the San Francisco Chronicle. Matier will still shape the Bay Area
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Despite Gentrification, SF Supervisors Shift Left

Posted January 12, 2021 by

Why Affluent San Francisco Remains Progressive San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is the most progressive in history. And it follows two decades of sharply rising housing prices and hyper-gentrification. Weren’t wealthier newcomers supposed to make the city more politically moderate?
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