Most SF Ballot Measures Will Win

Posted August 30, 2016 by

Despite complaints  over San Francisco’s many ballot initiatives (24) (“Politicians Create SF Ballot Mess”), the official arguments filed last week show that most will win. Even high-profile measures—-the City College parcel tax, the transferring of responsibility for street trees to
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Legacy Businesses Need Legacy Neighborhoods

Posted August 29, 2016 by

In their August 27 NY Times Op-Art, “New York’s Disappearing Storefronts,” Jayne Merkel and Julia Wertz describe how rising rents have hurt “the city’s street level fabric.” Sound familiar?  The authors are apparently unaware of San Francisco Supervisor David Campos’
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Key Democrats Could Deny Farm Workers Overtime Pay

Posted August 29, 2016 by David Bacon

(Editor’s Note: The Assembly passed the overtime bill on August 29) As Assembly Bill 1066, which would grant overtime pay to California farm workers, heads for a vote in the Assembly, farm workers and faith and civil rights groups are
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California’s Epic Housing Fail

Posted August 25, 2016 by

California will not be spending $400 million for affordable housing this year, thanks to a mammoth strategic screw-up that should embarrass a state with a Democratic Governor and Democratic-controlled Legislature. While the legislative session has not ended, the deal conditioning
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Goodbye to the Loudest Drunk in NPR’s Online Bar

Posted August 25, 2016 by Alicia Shepard

// // // // Once seen as a way to democratize the media, news site commenting sections have become playgrounds for nasty trolls. // // // // Good riddance to NPR’s comment section, which is shutting down Tuesday after eight
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