Submission Guidelines

We are happy to review submissions for publication.

Please be aware that we will not run pieces that include personal attacks unrelated to political issues. You may call someone a liar, for example, but only if you can provide a clear factual basis for this claim. We will not publish pieces that make allegations about a public figure’s private life, including their sexual orientation, drinking and eating habits, etc. This is not a forum for gossip.

Also be aware that submissions with racist, sexist, homophobic or disabilist language will not be accepted.

Otherwise, all opinions are welcome. We do not believe that every article published on must reflect the opinions of our editorial staff, and hope to foster an open dialogue about political, social and artistic issues in San Francisco.

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic does not accept submissions that engage in any direct or indirect political activities; that endorse any candidate for public office; that request donations or contributions to any candidate’s campaign; that participate, engage in, or promote political fundraising events; that publish or distribute statements for or against any candidate or that engage in any other activity that favors or opposes any candidate.”

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