A Movement Without a Candidate

Posted March 30, 2007 by Paul Hogarth

With his re-election just months away, Mayor Gavin Newsom has no credible opponent in sight – and his approval ratings remain high. But many are dissatisfied with a Mayor who governs by press release – with the city’s climbing homicide
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San Francisco Progressives Debate the Wi-Fi Plan

Posted March 30, 2007 by Ben Malley

A discussion on the Google/Earthlink Wi-Fi proposal at Modern Times Bookstore seemed like it would be a night of progressive activists preaching to themselves about the horrors of the city’s plan – after moderator Annalee Newitz announced that not for
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“Sho You Write!”

Posted March 29, 2007 by Scott Stevens

My name is Scott Stevens, and I am an SRO tenant at the Star Hotel in the Mission District. Recently, I enrolled in a writer’s workshop called “’Sho you write” – taught by a wonderful teacher named Flo Mayberry. Ms.
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Senate Moves Toward Ending the War

Posted March 28, 2007 by Paul Hogarth

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted 50-48 to defeat a Republican amendment that would have removed a withdrawal date from the Iraq budget supplemental. On March 23, the House passed a budget that creates an actual deadline to get out of
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