There Goes the Gayborhood…

Posted November 30, 2006 by Paul Hogarth

Are gay neighborhoods worth saving? The answer may seem obvious, but it led to a fascinating and well-attended panel discussion Tuesday night at the GLBT Historical Society. The Castro has been an internationally renowned gay mecca for decades, but gentrification
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New Perspectives on Labor, Immigrant Power in Los Angeles

Posted November 30, 2006 by Randy Shaw

As unions prove increasingly successful in organizing Latino immigrants in Los Angeles and elsewhere, many wonder how this development came about. Fortunately, Ruth Milkman, Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations at UCLA and a frequent writer on labor issues,
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School Beat: Creative Arts Charter School

Posted November 30, 2006 by John Perry

When people ask about the differences between my son’s private pre-K and his new San Francisco Unified School District kindergarten, a couple of images flash through my head. The sacks of cash are probably pretty obvious. But the piano covered
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From Living in the SRO’s – to Running Them

Posted November 29, 2006 by Paul Hogarth

Some tenants who are formerly homeless and have lived in the City’s single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotels are now running these same hotels today through the Master Lease program. While Care Not Cash has provided housing to thousands of homeless people in
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Hotel Vitale Expresses Regret over Racial Profiling Incident

Posted November 29, 2006 by Chip Conley

(Ed note: In response to the racial profiling incident at the Hotel Vitale described in Harrison Chastang’s article below, CEO Chip Conley issued the following statement) Prejudice still exists in America. It is real and palpable. While we’ve all witnessed
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