Reilly’s Attacks on John Burton Could Backfire

Posted April 28, 2006 by Randy Shaw

Assembly candidate Janet Reilly is running a much better campaign than Fiona Ma, and has narrowed the latter’s once large lead in the polls. Reilly is sweeping the progressive endorsements, and is benefiting from Ma’s pro-landlord votes on the Board.
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Skyline Picket On Saturday

Posted April 28, 2006 by

Tolerance is not acceptance, support is not activism. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead
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Skyline Realty Sued for Unfair Business Practices

Posted April 28, 2006 by Casey Mills

Attorneys filed suit yesterday on behalf of more than 20 tenants of buildings owned by Skyline Realty, suing the company for consistently employing shocking, thug-like tactics to empty their units of long-term tenants. The lawsuit alleges these tactics constitute unfair
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Plumbers Union Stiffs Sprinkler Contractor

Posted April 28, 2006 by Emma Gerould

The City Attorney is suing the Plumbers Union for failing to seismically retrofit the Civic Center Hotel, and for also failing to sign -off with DBI for the completion of the Hotel’s sprinkler system, installed 2 years ago. At Wednesday’s
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Budget 4 Families Seek Mayor’s Help

Posted April 28, 2006 by Rita Mandelenis

Yesterday a handful of San Francisco parents from the Budget 4 Families Coalition personally delivered about 700 postcards to the Mayor’s Office. The coalition, spawned from Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, are trying to get Mayor Gavin Newsom and
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Rachelle Ferrell Comes to Yoshi’s

Posted April 28, 2006 by E. "Doc" Smith

My good friend, bassist Liza Albright first turned me onto the pianist, composer and vocalist Rachelle Ferrell, via her fantastic “Individuality” CD, her third effort and a very fine release. I was completely blown away with her song, “Why You
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