Fear And Loathing On The A’s Trail

Posted February 28, 2005 by Irvin Muchnick

Now that the Red Sox have finally won a World Series (enjoy it while you can, bubs, you may have spent your entire karma quota for the next 86 years), we can expect the blessed event to be documented in
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Muni Drivers Join Fight Against Fare Hike

Posted February 28, 2005 by Casey Mills

In a dramatic shift, the Transport Workers Union of America Local 250-A joined the citywide battle against Muni fare hikes and service cuts. The union, which represents the City’s Muni drivers, agreed to fight alongside a broad coalition of low-income
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Chronicle Coverage Becoming Orwellian

Posted February 28, 2005 by Randy Shaw

On February 15, the Chronicle ran a story charging the state’s media with “playing footsie” with Governor Schwarzenegger, and of reporting in a “marshmallow mode” rather than “turning up the heat.” The article ignored one critical point: the Chronicle routinely
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‘Film Noir’

‘Film Noir’

Posted February 28, 2005 by

Dear Editor:Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying “Beyond Chron”. Just started viewing it, and will continue to do so. Also, enjoyed Lee Hartgrave’s article on “FilmNoir”. This was an amazing era of small, low budgeted exciting
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Vital Cultural Institution Seeking a Home

Posted February 28, 2005 by Alee Karim

In 2002, Rob Woodworth opened The Jazz House, a non-profit community music venue located in Berkeley. The Jazz House provided a home for the wayward: a regular venue for artists on the fringe and homegrown soon-to-be’s whose performance outlets remain
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New SRO Plan Continued by Planning Committee

Posted February 25, 2005 by Eric Schaefer

A plan which would would amend the planning code to re-define a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) unit as a “unit that is affordable to very low income or extremely low income households” in some mixed-used zoned areas had its first
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Lennon The Musical

Posted February 25, 2005 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

EXCLUSIVE ONLINE LENNON INTERVIEW OPEN TO PUBLICFans of John Lennon and new musical enthusiasts have a great way the learn more about Lennon and Lennon The Musical as the new show develops with this exclusive Q&A with the Director Don
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