Crowd Urges SFPD: Keep Tenderloin Together

Posted January 30, 2015 by

Over 300 Tenderloin residents and workers came to the Kelly Cullen Center on January 28 to send a powerful message from a neighborhood fed up with crime. Most urged the Police Commission to reject a proposed redistricting plan that breaks
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If Media Covered Inequality Like Weather

Posted January 29, 2015 by

On January 26, the NY Times featured a front-page story, “The Shrinking American Middle-Class.” It could have rocked the political world. America prides itself on its large middle-class, so a story documenting shrinking incomes in the 21st Century should have
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‘Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal’

Posted January 29, 2015 by Mark Erlich

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions on immigration. Up to 5 million of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States will be protected from deportation. In addition, parents of U.S. citizens
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Praying and Practicing: Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

Posted January 29, 2015 by Kelly Candaele

Shortly after Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson led his team to an overtime victory against the Green Bay Packers last week, he tearfully commented to a TV reporter that God had prepared his team for the come-from-behind victory. “God
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When Recall Becomes Necessary

Posted January 28, 2015 by Rosemary Jenkins

I am a Democrat—capital and small letter “d” and proud to be both. I believe in the democratic process, in representative government, in division of power, in government of, by, and for the people. We like to think that when
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