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Will Progressives End Racist Zoning?

Posted June 16, 2020 by

Black Lives Matter and Housing for All “When you look at the source of that racial inequality, you almost always end up at housing discrimination, housing segregation. Which is to say you always end up at land use, at zoning.”
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Chaos in Streets Hurts Trump, GOP

Posted June 2, 2020 by

Voters Will Blame Trump I’ve seen a lot of  social media posts connecting the street protests sweeping America with Nixon’s 1968 election victory. The idea is that voters respond to instability by choosing authoritarian leaders. The fear is that Trump
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Housing Advocates Mobilize!

Posted May 19, 2020 by

A Golden Age for Housing Advocacy? Last week was huge for housing. Nationally, the House- passed HEROES Act includes $100 billion for rental assistance, $11.5 billion in emergency shelter grants, and a broad, uniform eviction moratorium. Even more important, as
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Housing Can Rescue Cities

Posted May 12, 2020 by

Housing Generates Jobs, Revenue Cities face brutal budget cuts. Layoffs, hiring freezes, and cutbacks in capital projects and ongoing services are inevitable. And with the tourist, restaurant and entertainment industries far from recovery, these revenue engines for urban America are
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