NYC Condo Wave is Warning Call for San Francisco

Posted February 28, 2006 by Randy Shaw

“The laws don’t give a darn if middle-class people live in Manhattan or not” —–Jacqueline Ancess, 62, February 27, New York Times We hear so often from those promoting condo conversions as a means of providing “affordable” homeownership that those
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Disability Perspective: Bart and MUNI

Posted February 28, 2006 by Bob Planthold

This Tuesday, 28 February, the MTA board of directors likely will again go through the motions of approving a biased contract with BART, while no one at City Hall pays attention. Why? Maybe because it’s only the disabled who are
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Bartlett Garage Debate Heats Up

Posted February 28, 2006 by Rita Mandelenis

Representatives from the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) were in the hot seat yesterday at the Government Audit and Oversight Committee meeting. The decision to award the Mission’s Bartlett Garage contract to Pacific Park Management was under much scrutiny by Supervisor
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Beyond Chron Profile: Daisy MacArthur

Posted February 28, 2006 by Jacob Schneider

After sixteen years of activism in San Francisco schools and her downtown neighborhood, Daisy MacArthur probably shouldn’t have been surprised when she found out two weeks ago that Supervisor Aaron Peskin had nominated her for a commendation. But perhaps it
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San Francisco’s Budgetary Confusion

Posted February 27, 2006 by Randy Shaw

This week ushers in San Francisco’s own version of “March Madness,” the annual budget ritual that decides how the city’s money is spent. Due to unexpectedly high property tax revenue, San Francisco has its first budget surplus in four years.
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Weak Eviction Disclosure Legislation Headed to Board

Posted February 27, 2006 by Casey Mills

During the recent dust-up over Supervisor Chris Daly’s eviction disclosure legislation, ultimately vetoed by the Mayor, Supervisor Bevan Dufty offered a severely gutted version of the proposal as a compromise between the Board of Supervisor’s left and right factions. It
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Guest Editorial: The End of the Eight Hour Day

Posted February 27, 2006 by Barry Hermanson

On February 10th, the California Restaurant Association filed an initiative with the California Attorney General’s office. They want to raise the minimum wage to $7.75. This has to be a first, a business group filing an initiative to increase the
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“The Chronicle, Leno and Dellums”

“The Chronicle, Leno and Dellums”

Posted February 27, 2006 by

Editor, You make some excellent points in your article, (“Conservative attacks on Leno baseless”). Someday, the sooner the better, everyone will understand that thinkers like Leno actually are ahead of their time and are thinking logically and doing more to
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