‘Election Analysis’

by on November 10, 2005

An Open letter to Beyond Chron,

I found the election analysis strangley superficial, and as usual, wrong.

A very, very radical transgender friend of mine who is a very, very strong supporter of former Supervisor Gonzalez emailed me to explain that he was voting for Ting. He thinks that Schwarzenegger and straight progressives are ignoring the lgbt community at their own peril. He also went to the polls to send a message to Schwarzenegger on Tuesday.

Schwarzenegger learned that lesson on Tuesday and so did San Francisco.



You correctly observe that “voters did not see a connection between

the composition of the MTA Board and the problems at Muni” and that voters didn’t see how Proposition D “directly addressed specific problems at Muni.” Most voters correctly saw that Muni’s $57 million deficit was the result of economic events beyond the control of the MTA

board, whether members of the board were appointed by the Mayor or by the Board of Supervisors. The question that was never answered by Prop. D supporters is this:

What exactly is the connection between the MTA board and the alleged problems at Muni?

Rob Anderson

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