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by on January 15, 2009

To the Editor:

The Supervisors that progressives have gotten elected the last decade are all men: McGoldrick, Peskin, Gonzalez, Daly, Ammiano, Sandoval, Mar, Chiu, Campos, and Avalos (do you personally really count Maxwell, Randy?) My calculator says the odds of that happening by sheer luck are just short of a hundredth of a percent.

The problem isn’t representation or power for women in jurisdictions that overlap us — obviously, the corporate Democrats have been pretty good at that locally. We need progressives to say, save rent control, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s the progressives who can’t elect women anywhere past the School Board, and by this point it’s hard to see it as anything other than institutional and entrenched sexism. The odds are 99.99%.

Greg Shaw
San Francisco

To the Editor:

What an invidious comparison you make between Carole Migden and Sarah Palin:

Migden’s gender could not save her Senate seat, and the race demonstrated that San Francisco voters, like those who rejected Sarah Palin nationally, overwhelmingly base their votes on the candidates’ comparative skills, character, ideology and track record.

One takes your point to mean that San Francisco is beyond sexism. But is BeyondChron?

Sarah Wilcox

RANDY SHAW RESPONDS: You misunderstood my point. After Palin’s selection, the traditional media foolishly claimed she could get Hillary Clinton votes due to her gender. I wrote a piece disputing this, arguing that women voters would be those least likely to support Palin, which proved correct on November 4th.

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