Will There Be A Christmas Tree In Union Square After Macy’s Leaves?

by on March 4, 2024

Union Square On A Gloomy Day. Feb.27, 2024

I was at Macy’s on February 27 when a store employee stormed in pointing at her cell phone and told others that they were on the news.

They all looked very sad and were quiet as if they had just heard a death announcement.

I asked them, “What happened?”

They told me that their store was one of the 150 Macy’s stores nationwide that would be closed by 2026.

The news of Macy’s Union Square departure was a bombshell to me.

I felt sad and abandoned.

My best memory of Macy’s was the Christmas installation set up on the 7th floor.

They made it like an English village and each storefront had something for everyone.

There was a Santa, live singers walking throughout the village, and unique gifts and ornaments.

The flowers displayed on the first floor at Easter were always a treat.

I go to Union Square around Christmas yearly to take pictures of Macy’s Christmas tree for a Christmas card I make and send out to my friends and family around the world.

Their favorite Christmas card from me was from 2021.

In 2021,  holiday shoppers in Union Square were greeted by armed guards and boarded-up storefronts after Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana were broken into and robbed by thieves.

It was so alarming that I made a Christmas card consisting of the boarded-up storefront pictures I took in Union Square which looked like a “plywood square.”

Union Square Macy’s Christmas tree is part of San Francisco traditions.

It has been Macy’s yearly gift to the City for 34 years.

I can’t even imagine Christmas in San Francisco without a Christmas tree in Union Square.

Who will step in after Macy’s takes its final bow and says “Hakuna Matata?”

Will Neiman Marcus take over or the Union Square Alliance raise money to put up a Christmas tree in Union Square?

Each big city needs a clean, safe, and vibrant city center.

Union Square is the anchor of San Francisco’s city center.

I feel like we are losing it with all these store closings.

Macy’s Majestic Christmas Tree

Let’s keep the Magic of Macy’s alive in Union Square!

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