Will the 2012 Election …

by on April 6, 2011

To the Editor,

Re. “Will the 2012 Election be a repeat of the 1996 Election all over again?” (BeyondChron, 2011), in an article, “Obama begins 2012 reelection campaign with challenges, advantages” which appeared in the April 4th issue of USA TODAY, it refers to the U.S.’ involvement in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybia as: “(U.S.) involved in three controversial military campaigns,” “in recent weeks Obama ordered the military action in Lybia,” and “Rep. Dennis Kucinich stood on the House floor for 40 minutes to denounce Obama’s military actions in Lybia as unconstitutional.”

The article left out another euphemism, the Obama administration’s description of the military onslaught on Lybia as, “kinetic military action.”

Is “war” a dirty word, or are euphemisms used to perpetuate war?

Anh Le

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