Why CNN Fails; Teabaggers Losing Steam; Afghanistan Media Coverage; Patent on Genes …

by on April 7, 2010

To the Editor:

Frankly, I have given up on almost all of the so called news outlets … and trust no one including prime time network news, and I used to be a news junkie! My thirst for news dates back to radio days in the 1940s … and I listen to Edward R. Murrow, Walter Winchell and a guy name Gabriel Heatter who signature broadcast opening was “THERE’S GOOD NEWS TONIGHT!” When was the last time CNN had good news, or breaking news that was not about a house fire in New Jersey? I trust no one in prime time,too. I start my day reading the e-N.Y. Times and their daily updates. I can not mute the sound on TV news, like I do when I am watching TV sports. So, for me no news is good news!

And that’s the way it is….

Jerry Pritikin

To the Editor:

I enjoyed your analysis of CNN’s slide in popularity, but I think you are wrong about at least one thing about MSNBC host Chris Matthews’ show. You wrote, “Matthews is alone among the MSNBC crew in using long discredited pundits like the racist and anti-Semitic Pat Buchanan.” Buchanan, for all his faults, is an excellent debater. He presents his points succinctly and cogently. He brings facts and a point a view to nearly every discussion, and you get a clear picture of what he’s saying. He’s a keen political strategist too. I’ve become quite a fan of his, even if I disagree with him about 80% of the time.

Dana B.
San Francisco

To the Editor:

It was reassuring to read Paul Hogarth’s article today about Carol Shea-Porter’s recent town hall meetings in NH. Having attended one of these events last week in Alton, I can attest to an ugly, caustic crowd that was hostile and discourteous to the Congresswoman.

My favorite dialogue of the evening:

Angry Teabagger: What makes the government think it can run health care responsibly, when it has made such a mess of other things recently?

Shea-Porter: Well, first of all, we’re under new management now.

Huge applause from the handful of supporters who were able to be seated, after the Teabaggers showed up hours earlier to get front row, jeering seats. It’s no surprise they are running out of steam – it must be energy-zapping to be that insufferable and angry for such an extended amount of time.

Kelli Magowan
Strafford, NH

To the Editor:

Re: the media coverage of Afghanistan, If it was a missile or a predator drone or any of the remote control weapons, nobody would care. But because it was a human being “pulling the trigger” instead of “pressing the button,” it’s a big damn deal. Honestly digging out bullets when you have a chopper waiting for you? Come on … grow up.

Stephen Real
Columbia, USA

To the Editor:

Maybe you should have asked a patent attorney before running this article. It is biased toward one side of the story without understanding the investment and work required to develop a patented human therapy. No one has ever received a patent for “your genes.” Research, not hype, may make for better reading.

Mike Berger
Houston, TX

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