Why Americans Don’t Take to the Streets; Filibuster Reform’s Failure; Ending State Redevelopment Funds …

by on February 2, 2011

To the Editor:

Excellent timing and a clear, succinct read. I’m certain a substantial number of your readership has been pondering the answer to this very question.

Chris Fisher
Petaluma, CA

To the Editor:

I agree with Randy Shaw’s points why Americans do not use mass street protests. I would add that in the United States of America, people have not experienced direct military rule or dictatorship government albeit the two (2) party system which is quite similar or indirectly dictatorial in some form or fashion. The Corporations are running the U.S. government by using Democrats and Republicans as puppets. The electoral process has been propagandized by the ruling class as a democratic form of expressing freedom that people believed in it by heart.

For example, the American people did not authorize former President G. W. Bush to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the U.S. Congress composed of Republicans and Democrats. The Corporations wanted control of oil deposits to these countries. The consequences of going to wars that the U.S. can’t win are tremendous because our domestic needs are sacrificed. Spending more than a Billion (that is capital “B”) dollars a month is a lot of money that could have been spent for education, public healthcare, social services and other infrastructures.

But the suffering American people would not go on mass street demonstrations but would rather wait the November cycle elections to cast their votes that really don’t matter, because the Corporations have already dictated their plans to the politicians.

Daz Lamparas
San Francisco

To the Editor:

The uprising in Egypt reminded me of several Eisenhower quotes. President Eisenhower warned us of 3 things to watch out for in the late 1950s: (1) Beware of the buildup of the Military Industrial Complex, (2) Taking a political stance in the middle of the road will open you up to being stoned from the extremes of both sides of a political issue, and this is even more timely today, (3) That people want peace so badly, that governments better step aside, to let them have it! And my favorite IKE Quote of all times, when he was asked when Nixon was running for President (in 1959) “in the 8 years that Nixon was your VP, did he ever help you in making an important decision,” and IKE replied “Give me a week, and I might think of something!”

Jerry Pritikin

To the Editor:

The DNC, DSCC and hordes of Democratic candidates and former candidates are still dunning even low‑rollers like me for cash donations, 24/7. I am not sending another dime to ANY politician until the Democratic Party gets its act together and eliminates permanently this incredibly destructive Senate procedure.

Grady Norris
New Bern, NC

To the Editor:

Your article on the proposed elimination of state-funded local redevelopment agencies was excellent. Thank you. Wanted to draw your readers attention to a podcast of another informative forum: Rose Aguilar’s Your Call on KALW had very good discussion of the same issue today (Tues, 2/1/11 at 10 am). From it, I took away the impression that Redevelopment Agencies’ projects vary in quality and follow‑through, and often benefit a city’s overall GDP without helping the most vulnerable one bit. They do, however, sometimes build affordable housing that voters have otherwise balked at taxing themselves for or approving the sale of bonds to build.

Dana B.
San Francisco

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