What Is a Photoblog?

by Caleb Zigas on September 13, 2004

When you look at this place, what do you see? It’s nearly impossible to capture a place, in any manner of media. Place is dynamic, changing, incapable of defining moments. But we can all sense it nonetheless. Place is the way that the wind blows, or it is found in the certain inflections of voices-it is something recognizable that we can never name.

Over the next couple of months, we will present our sense of place through a series of photos. These will be pictures-nothing more and nothing less. But like every image they will tell a story, and it will be a narrative only connected by this unimaginable sense of place. Every week we will focus on one particular location—a corner, a hill, a bus line-with every effort to avoid sensationalizing the everyday, we will try and present a series of photos that might possibly capture a week’s worth of place.

These images will come from a series of different artists-artists because every eye that tries to capture place is an artist’s eye. These artists will find places that are special to them, for whatever reason, and bring those pictures to you. Once the picture is on the page, of course, it can no longer change, thus losing the ability to correctly tell the present’s story. The photoblog will be a catalog of moments that add up to a possible present, though the meaning of that present will only be as powerful as the potential interpretations that it will engender. Those interpretations lie with the viewer, and, eventually, we would like to welcome the contributions of our readers in helping us with this project as well.

Beginning tomorrow you will find a new photo everyday on our page-that day’s statement of place. There will be no detailed captions, no explanation, simply an image with the time and date of its capture. It will be with these images, these moments, and these photos that we will begin our narrative-our story of here.

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