Welcoming the Dawning of a New Era; More on Prop 8’s Passage …

by on November 7, 2008

To the Editor:

I write this at midnight, on the cusp of this most historic day, November 4th, 2008.

As I tucked my child Minh Jeffrey into bed tonight and kissed him good night, my child asked me, “Dad, do you know that President Obama’s grandmother died today?” My child’s question not only acknowledged and honored Senator Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, but also predicted the outcome of our historic presidential election today: The election of President Barack H. Obama.

Like Americans everywhere, my child, my family, and I have been fully engaged in following the news events of this year’s presidential campaign. And we have worked hard to share with others our deepest support of Senator Obama to become our next President of these United States. My own brother worked three phone bank shifts this past weekend, and has been active in the work of “Asians for Obama.” One of my nephews, a veteran who served in Iraq, has been canvassing for Senator Obama, and disseminating information regarding Senator Obama’s campaign through his wide network.

I am a Vietnamese American whose family immigrated to the U.S. My first glimpse of this beloved country as a young child was the sight of the Statue of Liberty. I did not know the meaning of the symbol of the Statue of Liberty that day. But I have come to appreciate and be grateful for what the Statue of Liberty stands for. I vividly remember the economic struggles of my own parents, as they toiled daily at a German bakery in the Midwest to put bread on the table to feed us children. I have also apppreciated the people of this great nation – a people who are generous, kind, and optimistic.

Senator Barack Obama has waged an unprecedented and history making presidential campaign. It is one that is based on much more than his campaign’s motto: “Change We Can Believe In.” Senator Obama told the American people what he stands for, when he declared, “This is our moment in history,” and called on us to “turn the page for a new direction in this country and in this world.” Senator Obama told us his views and plans for addressing the critical issues confronting our nation and our world. Senator Obama withstood the rigors of this presidential campagin, and did not allow the distractions hurled his direction by his opponents or distractors to trip him. Senator Obama displayed to the American people his intellectural brilliance, his vision and his hope for his nation and the world, his pragmatism, his resilience, and most importantly, his integrity and humility.

With President Barack Obama, let us together roll up our sleeves, and hand in hand, with joy and celebration “turn the page for a new direction in this country and in this world.”

Anh Le
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Just wanted to mention, what about the local latino churches?? I mean, all of so Cal voted Yes on 8, I went down to see my parents in San Diego … First of all there weren’t too many supporters of anything, but the little I saw was Yes on 8 … I tought I had convinced my mother to vote NO ON 8, but apparently the church was very persuasive and convinced everyone there to vote YES …. And I know a couple of white friends who are very Republicans not because of what they represent, but because they feel the abortion and the gay rights in a conservative way … And that’s it!! they don’t even care about politics, they just care about what the bible says … So, yes, you are right, especially about those commercials that mentioned “teaching of gay at schools” … But don’t forget about the rest.

Cristina Lopez

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