Volunteer to Save Our Transit-First Policy

by Supervisor Chris Daly on November 1, 2007

With next week’s election being swept under the rug by the corporate media, San Franciscans may not know that the future of our transit first policy will be decided. Meanwhile you’ve probably seen campaign literature paid for by Don Fisher, the Gap CEO who is the biggest Republican contributor in San Francisco. We know Fisher has made his billions with sweatshop labor and by clear-cutting old-growth redwoods and was one of the major funders of the smear campaign against me last year. Now Fisher has put over $250,000 of lies and deceit to defeat Prop A and pass Prop H.

Prop H, the so-called “parking for neighborhoods” initiative would give developers free reign to build more parking garages downtown. This would add pollution, slow down buses, and also reduce the space available to develop affordable housing. Fisher is also trying to defeat Prop A – to increase revenues set aside each year to ensure MUNI provides reliable service to all San Franciscans.

We need your help to win this battle for the future of transportation and livability in San Francisco.

Please come out and do one or more of these things in the next week:

1) Phone bank Wednesday-Thursday 5-9 pm, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 10 am-6 pm
2) Precinct walk on Saturday or Sunday morning from 10-2
3) Reach out to MUNI riders during rush hours
3) Phone bank or precinct walk for all or part of election day (Tuesday 11/6)

Sign up for all volunteer activities by emailing transitnottraffic@gmail.com or calling Natasha Marsh at (415) 357-1479. Or just show up at 350 Rhode Island (between 16th and 17th streets in Potrero Hill)
Note: main entrance is on Kansas

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