Vehicular Dodgeball

by on August 25, 2004

Wanna play Vehicular Dodgeball?? Come out to Alameda Naval Base this Saturday and Sunday August 28th and 29th, for free games and cool prizes!! As you probably already know, Put it in Play, a free outdoor festival is coming to San Francisco. We1re basically talking about a one million square foot adult amusement park. This is your only chance to play:

– Vehicular Dodgeball- That’s right, Dodgeball in a car. Motor through a racecourse while evading flying giant red balls.
– Pro Driver Speed Tag- You, two friends, and a professional driver, motor through an obstacle course at a high speed, changing drivers at every lap.
– Capture The Checkered Flag- Cruise through a tight course, stopping only to capture your opponent1s flag and switch drivers.
– High Octane Red Light Green Light- It’s an all-out race, won by whoever1s got the quickest reflexes.

Also, if you1re not into driving games, there will be a variety of
playground games to choose from, such as Pop-a-Shot B-ball, Dodgeball, and Skeeball. This event lasts from 8am- 6pm, and the more you play the better chance you have to win prizes like I-pods, ESPN video games, and DVDs. Want more information on the event, or want to register? Go to See you there!!

Please let me know if you are interested and I can send over more information or you can just check out the website

Thank you,
Arin Goldman
(310) 883-3447

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