Vastly Outspent, Prop 16 Opponents Get Creative

by Paul Hogarth on May 18, 2010

PG&E has shamelessly spent $30 million of money they get from customers to pass the worst measure on the June ballot, while the “No on 16” campaign only has $35,000. Outspent a thousand to one, some grassroots opponents are getting creative – hoping to use the Internet to get their message out. Today, a website called “One Million Strong Against Prop 16 – With One Millionth the Budget” will unveil a series of YouTube videos that only cost thirty dollars. Countering the one-sided Astoturf campaign to pass Prop 16, the effort is to promote a dialogue on why PG&E is spending so much money to block competition. Three years ago, I wrote how YouTube can dramatically change the way political campaigns are run – bypassing traditional gatekeepers to get your message across. But to cut through PG&E’s unlimited resources, these videos will have to go viral – requiring humor and creativity to reach a mass audience.

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