Uptown Tenderloin National District …

by on February 19, 2009

To the Editor:

Indeed it is the first step to bring the Tenderloin under the National Register of Historic Places thanks to Randy Shaw. But the real proof is to live up to that Name. I am afraid it could be a one more half-baked measure in the story of San Francisco, unless we gather forces and make sure those landlords will repair the buildings that are sinking in decrepitude. I couldn’t help standing across the street from Hotel Belaire on Jones street, between Ellis and Eddy, but feel a state of dismay. The hotel’s gorgeous balcony is rusted and dislodged from the main frame, it could collapse any time. Or the erstwhile marble that adorned the walls of the entrance, now replaced by cheap plastic-like material. You can take a good look at this hotel and you would see the imminent danger facing the unique architecture of the Tenderloin. Since 1985, I noticed that most of our buildings in the Tenderloin replaced the exquisite copper mailboxes with cheap ugly aluminum ones.

When I asked our manager few years ago why did they get rid of the copper mailboxes, she said that they are difficult to maintain! So having Historic District plaques on building that are dying may not help much. But I commend Randy Shaw for his defense of our dear Tenderloin.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

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