UNITE HERE Rallies to Back CWA in Verizon Strike

by Randy Shaw on August 18, 2011

The international union UNITE HERE is lending its organizing prowess to coordinating a number of actions to support the historic strike by the Communication Workers of America (CWA) against Verizon. Calling the Verizon struggle “the private sector’s Wisconsin,” UNITE HERE President John Wilhelm said the strike was a “big priority” for his union. UNITE HERE has a long history of running and winning strikes, and in the 1990’s its workers spent more than six years on picket lines before prevailing against Las Vegas’ Frontier Hotel. UNITE HERE locals will adopt local Verizon stores, help coordinate picket support, deploy food trucks at major city picket lines, and raise money for local CWA strike funds. As the Verizon battle becomes part of a larger narrative about ongoing attacks on the working and middle-class, expect other unions to follow UNITE HERE’s lead as the strike continues.

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