Unions Eating their Own; Land Grabs in California; South Carolina Episcopals …

by on October 30, 2009

To the Editor:

Union workers comprise 12% of the U.S. workforce. That means that 88% of all those who toil for wages are not organized. While the labor movement has succeeded in raising the living standards for everyone, union workers take home more pay than their unorganized counterparts, and have better benefits.

Rather than wrestling over the 12% that are already organized, every effort should instead go to organizing those who are being deprived of their right to join the union of their choice.

Organizing workers is basic. It is Unionism 101. Raiders and interlopers need to learn and practice that fundamental

As an aside, the 12% figure swells when retired Union members are included. There are millions of us! We are a valuable resource. “We may have retired from the job, but we’ll never retire from our Union!”

Rich Austin

To the Editor:

Regarding New York being more friendly to developers due to a lack of the initiative process, I would only note the major upcoming and past projects that were definite “land-grabs” in California currently …

The Transbay Terminal, the Bayview Hunter’s Point Project, the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, Treasure Island — and the upcoming Parkmerced “Vision” and the SFSU/CSU “Masterplan” and associated land-grabs and numerous projects that proposed only housing for millionaires, versus housing and needs of the working families, seniors, students, and disabled that are still being pushed out without the financial or physical ability to submit ballot items like G on Bayview that provides zero or very limited rental housing development.

Take a peek at the Housing Element EIR, and updates on the Historic Preservation legislation Sec. 10+11 and the concerns abound, on the influence on these issues by private development for profit versus our very deep human needs for housing in SF that have been unmet since Parkmerced was developed.

Aaron Goodman
San Francisco

To the Editor:

If South Carolina Episcopals are so set on following the sacred scripture, why not obey the law against eating shell fish, the law against cursing ones’ parents, the law against eating pork or bacon, or work on the sabbath, have sex with your wife while she is having her period, curse or blaspheme the name of God, the law against adultery with another man’s wife, etc. etc. When they follow all these laws then they can come back and tell me about the law not to love another man.

Andre R. Boulanger

To the Editor:

Gee, maybe they can all become judgemental, hate-filled Roman Catholics, per the recent invitation of Pope Benedict! They can all get together and have a hate-fest, all-as-one! As a proud Episcopalian, this Diocese and its bishop are a sad disgrace. If they are so unhappy, I say “adios” and “don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out … whether it be to Southern Africa, Rome or anywhere else …”

Brian Ksiazek

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