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by on March 3, 2009

To the Editor:

I am disappointed that Tommi Avicolli-Mecca did not do proper research, and misquoted the U.K. Christian Institute. Had he done so, you would have found that they do not condone bullying and have not objected to that part of the proposals. The concern is about another part of the proposals which on the surface should not cause concern but because of recent court cases could victimise those who refuse to promote secularism and gay rights. It is a question of liberty which I would have thought was dear to the hearts of all Americans.

Roger Cooper
United Kingdom

To the Editor:

The Brits solved their NAMBLA problem by allowing them to take over their schools, it is their culture. Home schooling is the only safe option. In Britain, sex offenders compete for jobs in schools on the same basis as everybody else and the largest teacher union is campaigning (for ten years) for legal teacher/pupil sex.

Pedophile texts are used (as sex ed) in primary schools. One single Brit teacher victimized more US kids than the teachers of Vermont, Oklahoma, Maine, and Rhode Island combined. They\’re the icons of the pedophile movement. They’re the worst teaching profession for sexual abuse in the developed

Tazia Doll

Tommi Avicolli-Mecca wrote: “Stopping kids from harassing and beating each other up in the school yard goes against the consciences of Christian teachers?”

What a misguided statement! Of course, Christians are against harassing and beating among children; they have always been. The real argument — not the twisted one — is not about children but about teachers who will be forced to act against their conscience.

If you eliminate conscience in society, then why, for example, people be honest? Why then talk about faithfulness in marriage and honesty in public services? Conscience is important and it is secularists and homosexuals who do not care much about it, but blindly sleepwalking after their selfish agenda.

Now, dump on me all your hatred in your response.

Alex Montoya

Dear Paul Hogarth:

Thanks for the kind words about Mobile, Alabama! I came here from Kentucky with a plan of staying about two years and then moving to a larger, more progressive town. That was 22 years ago. I’ve always felt welcomed here and embraced by this beautiful city. It IS very different from the rest of the state, and your unsolicited observations are music to our ears.

Our LGBT community has finally found its voice, and to my knowledge, we’ve been received fairly and equally by our city government. Our Pride celebration is in April, which is a beautiful time to visit Mobile. Come back anytime! (And actually we have 4 gay bars, but who’s counting?)

Darwin Singleton
Mobile, Alabama

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