“Two Americas”

by on September 19, 2005

Read your recent piece in the SF Bay View, re two Americas. Are these the $100,000 Superfund condos being built by Lennar, that company that the SF Bay View reported Pelosi, her Clinton relative, and the Feinsteins to own large shares in? The company that, it said, had retired Gavin Newsome’s campaign debt in a private office party in Sacramento?

Does anyone know what sort of risk these entry level home buyers are taking by buying condos built on a Superfund site that couldn’t be cleaned up no matter how many Super-Dollars were spent on it?

I’m not disregarding the main point of your piece–re two Americas– but I’ve had reason to pay special attention to this aspect of the Bayview condo story.

I’ve told people about the exodus they don’t see; I live on the comfortable Western edge of the Mission; I’ve told them we’re gonna get what we deserve—to become a boring all White and Asian town.

I tell people who keep saying Gavin Newsome is better than we expected that he’s only what we force him to be, as is Barbara Boxer. Housing issues are so much more complex than clean energy, gay marriage, and opposing the war that it’s hard to capture attention for them.

I at least got the SF Bay View delivered in my neighborhood. Thanks.

Ann Garrison

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