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by on November 20, 2008

To the Editor:

I agree with Tommi Avicolli-Mecca’s response to the Catholic and Mormon church’s hypocricsy. My first reaction upon reading their united front spent upwards of 20 million to pass Proposition 8 made my stomach turn. As we see the economy spin downward, why aren’ t they offering charity and compassion to those “true believers” faced with foreclosures, hunger and joblessness?

Obviously it seems ironic that these same dictators of morality were themselves faced with questionable charges … last year, the Arch Diocese of Los Angeles announced they were paying millions to settle lawsuits filed in child abuse claims, the Mormon church has long battled charges of Polygamy … so between child abuse claims and charges of Polygamy, where do these institutions find the time dictate to the rest of the world what is morally acceptable?

Enough already! A recent Letter to the Editor commented that the Catholic Church has survived 2000 years … likewise, many who the Catholic church would accuse of heresy have also survived and will continue to thrive long after Rome is gone.

Anonymous Fed-Up Heretic

Dear Editor:

I disagree with Manuel Jimenez’s assessment that it’s not prudent to attempt to shame the Catholic Church to “change the realpolitik.” In fact, the queer movement has done it before. The best example of this was during the AIDS epidemic of the 80s. The Catholic Church was ignoring gay men who were ill and dying with the disease. Church leaders opposed condoms and safe sex education. A group called ACT UP (which created the “shame” chant) went after the church and at one point during a demo at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, an ACT UP demonstrator went inside the church, took communion and threw it to the ground.

Though denounced by the more mainstream parts of the LGBT community, ACT UP’s radicalism turned things around. The church began providing services for people with AIDS and Catholics (like most other people in the country) became more compassionate. AIDS became less stigmatized. Had it not been for the often over-the-top tactics of ACT UP, I don’t think things would have changed when they did.

In reference to the all those saints’ names in our area: They are a reminder of the Spanish Catholic slaughter of native peoples and the stealing of their land. Not to mention the forced conversion of native peoples. Not a proud legacy. I was raised Catholic, but I am proud to be an atheist since I was 16.

Tommi Avicolli Mecca
San Francisco

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