Todd Berman Exhibit on Sixth Street Opens at DA Arts

by Randy Shaw on June 26, 2006

Todd Berman has mounted an art show at DA Arts, a new gallery that displays art work onto the corner of 6th and Minna streets. The Tenderloin Housing Clinic opened this gallery on the ground floor of the Sunnyside Hotel, in a site that had been abandoned by the District Attorney’s office, to help boost arts uses in what is often described as a “gritty” neighborhood. “The Art Don’t Stop on 6th Street” exhibit is an experiment in art as a community service using three approaches.

The first approach is decoration. This exhibit is designed for the enjoyment of pedestrians, many of whom will likely encounter it daily. Besides being vibrant and pretty, the images in the artwork are also complex enough to reward repeat viewers with surprises in the details. Furthermore, the exhibit will change and grow over time in response to it’s fertile surroundings.

This show will be investigative. Berman will use DA Arts as a home base from which to explore 6th Street. He will create 20 drawings during the course of the show; each one about a different business or organization within a two block radius; each one drawn from life.

The third approach is collaborative. Locals will not be restricted to be mere consumers of art, they will be invited to create art as well. People will be invited to draw themselves on paper. Berman will then use collage to incorporate these drawings into his urban landscape painting. This new canvas will be part of a series of San Francisco paintings defined by its inhabitants.

“The Art Don’t Stop on 6th Street” will last until Saturday, July 22nd. The show is visible from the sidewalk and is illuminated at night.

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