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by on November 20, 2013

I just arrived to SF two months ago from LA, a place where I would expect the following to happen:

This last Saturday morning I got orally abused and physically mistreated by armed SFPD (with no accompanying MUNI inspectors) because I forgot my MUNI Lifeline pass on the table in Excelsior since I left in such a hurry. I was on the 49 at Mission and 30th street and it was horrible. They were super aggressive, yelling in my face and then I told them “You guys gonna shoot me like Oscar Grant!” and they did not like that. Immediately the Latino cop on my right twisted my wrist behind my back but in the end they just gave me an infraction (which I am going to contest to the end because I pay my fare at the beginning of the month, not every time I get on the bus).
I am naive I guess because I thought the police here were more relaxed, dare I say, professional. But I guess they are not used to people “responding” to their agression with rhetorical questions of the kind I made. Anyway, it will be an interesting real-life research of modern day SF civics. I have to turn an ugly experience into a positive, I guess. Have you heard of this before, of armed police checking fare WITHOUT accompanying MUNI inspectors? I made a phone complaint to the “Office of Citizen Complaints” where they recorded my declarations and such, but I know it will go no where. I just wanted something to be on the record because I have no doubt that if they continue like this someone confused scared immigrant will get shot one of these days (if it hasn’t happened already ofc) due to lack of English or what have you.

Is this a trend in SF (armed police with no accompanying inspectors)?

I love ur news and don’t no where else to turn to in terms of these questions. I will take someone with vision to realize that this policy is more fitting for a war-torn nation, not SF.


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