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by on August 28, 2013

Very nice summary Randy (makes me want to get the book :-)) though you could have shortened:”…reflects the paper’s pattern of inaccuracies about the school’s accreditation”to:”…reflects the paper’s pattern of inaccuracies”There are just so many of them these days with the CCSF case just being ons of the more high profile and important cases. E.g. they recently slandered a small coastal town by claiming that residents had no access to adequate nutrition, only fast food despite the reporter’s never having been anywhere near the town and the fact that there are no fast food outlets within 50 miles (she used county statistics rather than knowing anything about the town to “compile” the story, but she’s “sticking to her story !”). This could be devastating to a small town that relies on tourism, so the misinformation from the Chronicle can have material effects in a number of ways.It would sure be nice if people had a reliable local news source with competent reporters (like BeyondChron but unfortunately it probably takes a lot of resources to make something highly visible).

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