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by on August 1, 2013

A few notes: Grant Street, from Market to Geary, is in the Tenderloin Policing District. “After all, a small business owner at Eddy and Larkin does not have time to go down to Fillmore Street to lodge a complaint, and should not have to do so. ” Why shouldn’t he? Having a station close is not a right. Many businesses operate without any close proximity to a station. The business owner can call 911, send an email, etc. Making the Tenderloin Police District larger will only make response times greater, especially with the reduction in staffing levels. Tenderloin Station, at current staffing levels, will not be able to provide adequate policing to the SF Center, the new mall on the 900block of Market, the numerous stores along the Market corridor from 5th-8th, both theaters at 6th and 8th and Market Sts, the numerous SRO’s on 6Th, the Larkin corridor. And considering that Tenderloin Station staffing is already down from 91 Officers to 56 Officers, why increase the serviced population and geography, when there’s little incentive to properly staff the Station, and its current boundries?

This feedback was sent by:Dan OBrien from SF, California (CA)

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