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by on December 8, 2015

Subject: Rare Cecil Williams Footage at Tenderloin Museum

I really can not remember who turned me on to Glide Church and Rev. Cecil Williams,however from the first time I visited the Glide, it was a “Turn-on”,and I’m Jewish!  I love the atmosphere and his quotations from Chairman Jesus!  You did not have to wear your Sunday best to go there, and you did not go there to be seen.  It was the best blend of San Franciscans around.  It’s located across from the Downtown Hilton, and in their lobby it had a list of religious nearby houses or worship, and under Methodist  they had Glide. Over the years, you could tell who the tourist were,however 99% who came stayed for the whole service.  Many also stood in line to get a hug from Rev. Williams and vice versa. Often you heard those visitors say they wished their local Church would be as entertaining as Glide. No one was ever caught sleeping there, if the sermon didn’t keep you wide awake, the music did! There were also celebrities there as well as politicians,however they mixed in with the Sunday crowd. I got to meet Willie Brown there, and he mentioned he was making a trip to China. The following week I brought him one of my latest t-shirt creation and asked him if he would wear it on the Great Wall of China,and he did.

Now Jewish people do not believe in Saints, however for Rev. Cecil Williams, I’ll make an exception… He is a Saint!

Jerry Pritikin/ Chicago

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