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by on March 6, 2014

Good points made here, but it’s not accurate to depict everyone who expresses a problem with the techies as being one collective, “nativist” or even for that matter, as being predominantly white. While I am white and cannot speak for others and I can tell you that I have a number on non white friends who’ve expressed great frustration with people they identify as being “techies”, “yuppies”, and “hipsters” moving into various neighborhoods and pushing them out. I don’t have any solutions, but this article seems to overgeneralize the people who’ve become upset with the aforementioned changes in SF with the intent to dismiss them and their arguments. I’ve been encouraged lately by the news of people from the tech industry attempting to reach out to the community to address the issues of rent increases and gentrification, and I think this effort to have a two way dialogue will go farther than both sides continuing to admonish the other in an overly simple, negative light. Hopefully you’ll agree and work to do the same on your end

This feedback was sent by:Claire Niemeyer from San Francisco, CA

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