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by on October 11, 2013

Most depression era working class Jews worked hard to get FDR elected,and usually had at least one picture of him hanging in their house. My dad was a FDR Democrat and was left of center in his politics. It’s easy to be a be a post game quarterback. I had a hard time understanding why many years after the war,there were so many stories about FDR and what he didn’t do. I’m glad that a book like this put some facts out to dispute many of the post war stories that FDR could of done better towards the Jews of Europe. The fact remains,that the biggest help to Nazi Germany during and right after the war came from the Catholic Church. They flew Nazi flags over their Cathedrals and churches during the War years and the Vatican provided false passports to Nazi War Criminals to get them safe passage to South America.

This feedback was sent by:Jerry Pritikin from Chicago,, Illinois

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