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by on April 2, 2013

Nice piece Natalie; thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed this so much more than your last piece (sorry for the rather snarky response to that but you did ask us to comment). I really appreciated that you didn’t invoke science like jargon to try and justify the effects of Yoga. The problem with doing that is that the “skeptics” (who I appreciate even less than new age science jargon slingers like Wayne Dyer) are lying in wait to tar people as pseudo-scientific and guilty of some sort of heresy. And there’s no need to attract the ire of those types; Yoga, Zen, the Tao Te Ching,… are all amazing things; someone may someday generate some scientific understanding of the effects of meditation, Yoga, or the like (and that understanding might change science) but that’s a subtle area and for now attracting the wrath of the “skeptics” by casual use of scientific jargon just generates more heat than light.

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