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by on March 17, 2014

Very interesting article. I have often wondered if anyone has ever done an investigation or testing of the ground in what was a small town in the East Bay called Cowell. I think it is now considered Concord. My former husband worked for a company there in the early 1960\’s called Nuclear Engineering. They disposed of radioactive waste from places such a University Of California at Davis. They placed the waste, such as dead Beagle puppies used in experiments, mixed them with concrete and placed into 50 gallon drums. From there they were taken by barge out to the Farallon Islands and dumped into the water. If they didn’t sink they shot the drums with 22 rifles. Many times my husband and other employees were contaminated and had to be washed down and wear film badges, give urine samples for months afterwards. It makes me wonder how much radiation leaked into the ground and ground waters there in Cowell. And if there is a high number of cancer, miscarriages or birth defects in the housing built over that site. Turtle Creek and the Crossings were built after the businesses there were closed. Just a few years ago the huge smokestack that stood there was demolished. My former husband is now 81 years old and still going strong, no cancer as yet. The televison news reporter Eric Thomas lives in The Crossings and I have thought of contacting him, but after reading this article I thought it might interest you to know the story of Nuclear Engineering.

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