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by on December 3, 2015

Subject: Re: Berkeley min wage

Dear Editor: I think the article is misleading and one-sided. It doesn’t even mention that the wage rate that the labor commission recommended, and that council rejected, was $19/hour. That would be completely out of scale with the rest of the region and, by any objective measure, dramatically impact Berkeley’s small businesses. The $15/hour that they landed on is on par with the region, and a perfectly reasonable compromise.

The article states, “To the surprise of the Commission and the more than 100 labor and community people who attended that meeting at Longfellow School, the Council  recommended instead a very diluted minimum wage package.” That seems willfully dishonest; nobody who was paying attention was surprised as, ahead of the meeting, members of City Council were up front about the unreasonableness of the labor commission’s proposal and the need for compromise.

And no mention at all of the outpouring of commentary on this from the City’s small business community, or their perspective on this issue.

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