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by on July 9, 2013

RE. “How Unions Won the BART Strike” by Randy Shaw (BeyondChron, July 8‚ 2013):

On July 2nd, I helped a friend get to her destination in Oakland from San Francisco.

The AC Transit Bus Company supervisor at the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco was very helpful in answering passengers’ questions and directing people to the appropriate bus stop.

Also, the bus drivers for the Oakland bus system we met were professional and courteous.

On our evening return trip from Oakland at Broadway Street and 20th Street, we boarded a long AC Transit bus. The line of passengers was orderly. One woman, however, cut in front of others to board the bus.

As my friend and I were waiting to cross the street to board the bus, many of the striking BART workers were verbally shouting at and haranguing the passengers trying to get home. Also, some of the BART workers were blocking part of the pedestrian pathway by the crosswalk signal light.

When we boarded the AC Transit bus, no one had to pay a fare. This positive gesture for the passengers by AC Transit was a big public relations plus for AC Transit.

The ride home to San Francisco was enjoyable.

I commend AC Transit Bus Company and the AC Transit bus drivers for doing a truly excellent job and serving the public so well. They are a model of what works in providing the best customer service.

Anh Le
San Francisco

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