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by on September 21, 2012

UESF asked the incumbents to make a case for their endorsement before our members. Notably absent from their presentations was a sense that any of them had learned from the vote of 28 February. Remember:1. that the lay off vote was a sham and almost all those noticed were brought back 2. the Board created lay offs for the past several years (and, presumably, next year by budgeting to use \”Rainy Day Funds\” that are available only if the Board issues lay off notices3. the Board of Ed has destabilized the so-called low performing schools by demanding that they be \”reconstituted\”–thereby tossing out experienced staff for new teachers4. Board members complain that they got \”bad advice\” from the administrative staff, but have no move to correct that problem5. Board members donned a cloak of \”nobility\” and declared that their pure intentions allowed them any inequity. In other words, they did not learn from their mistakes. But they taught a lesson to those who challenge them. Matt Haney, Shamman Walton, Sam Rodriquez, beverly Popek, Gladys Soto, and Kim Garcia Meza all expressed an unwiingness to violate the Ed Code in lay offs. Each has spoken of the wisdom and value of working with the teachers and paras to improve the schools instead of climbing into a pulpit to declaim their good intentions. Board members need to model learning. When they don\’t, it is time to look for candidates who do.

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