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by on November 4, 2015


RE: “Peskin, Lee Win Big in Election 2015” By Randy Shaw (BeyondChron, November 4, 2015):

San Franciscans today celebrate Aaron Peskin’s victory as the new District 3 Supervisor!

San Franciscans spoke clearly and loudly: We will NOT sell our souls nor the future of our City to the disdainful and repulsive campaign waged by Peskin’s opponent and the mayor, Ed Lee, who appointed her, and whose campaign junk mails were disingenuous, distorted the legislative and community advocacy records of Peskin, and which even had the audacity to use the “race baiting card” strategy of employing a racist anti-Chinese graffiti, “No More Chinese,” and declaring, “Do You Want Justice?” in one of its junk mails.

Peskin’s opponent and Ed Lee were deluded to think that this Election and the soul of San Francisco were both for sale. They only insulted the intelligence of the people of the City of St. Francis.

I met Supervisor Aaron Peskin yesterday at campaign headquarters in North Beach.

I and other San Franciscans look forward to Supervisor Peskin infusing new leadership at City Hall. San Francisco needs Supervisor Peskin’s leadership and integrity, and his commitment to working for what is best for the people of San Francisco.

Last evening, at 7 o’clock, Supervisor Peskin, his volunteers and supporters holding blue and yellow “Peskin for Supervisor” signs, and I stood on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Union Street, the heart of North Beach, while San Franciscans drove by honking their horns.

In our midst included Carl Nolte, highly respected journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle, Senator Mark Leno, and former Supervisor Sophie Maxwell (who represented the Bayview and Hunters Point District).

Just like the campaign mailing with the endorsement of Peskin by former City Attorney Louise Renne and Supervisor Jane Kim – – elected officials who possess integrity and leadership, meeting Mr. Carl Nolte and talking with Senator Mark Leno last evening reminded me of what integrity really means.

By the way, the second half of the title of BeyondChron’s article today is not matched by Supervisor Peskin’s resounding victory and San Franciscans’ rejection of the attempted selling of the soul of our beloved City.



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