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by on January 31, 2014

Sometimes it’s about the buses and the corporations that provide them…But sometimes it really is about the bus riders.Here is the voice of one Google Bus commuter whose picture and comments have been repeatedlyportrayed in the media…“My name is Crystal Sholts. I’m a program manager in engineering at Google.I just wanted to say that not everyone at Google is a billionaire. Like many people, ten years after the fact I’m still paying off my student loans. I moved to the Mission because I am a pedestrian, I don’t own a car”[from SFMTA hearing, Jan 21, 2014]Disingenuous, to say the least.On 04/17/2013 Crystal Sholts and her husband Robert Lauridsen purchased the house at XXXXXXXXX St. in the Mission for approximately 1.2 million dollars (Her husband last year became partner at his law firm and I would not be surprised to learn that her husband does own a car which she would be using).She said “I’m not a billionaire”, and I’m not sure if that’s just because of the world/culture she lives in (millionaires are a dime a dozen?), or if she purposely did not say ‘millionaire’ because she (combined with her husband) might indeed be a millionaire.In any case, she is not “like many people…paying off my student loans.”She is not ‘just another working stiff, trying to get to my job with a smaller carbon footprint. “She could be the poster-child for much that is wrong with this situation, and the misleading front she portrayed in a public forum breeds distrust of the whole tech community.Call me an old fashioned liberal progressive San Franciscan, but I do not want my tax dollars subsidizing private shuttle bus rides to a corporation 40 miles away for this ‘non-billionaire’. Private shuttles need to use private bus stops. Lease a few places around town and be done with it. You’ll be able to enjoy your perks and paychecks with less harassment and guilt.

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