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by on October 19, 2015

  1. “Low Turnout Threatens SF Progressives” (October 8, 2015); “Mayor Lee Earns High Marks On Tenant Rights” (October 13, 2015); “Jane Kim Runs For State Senate” (October 14, 2015):


1. The contest between Aaron Peskin and Julie Christensen for District 3 Supervisor will determine the direction of many issues in San Francisco.


Christensen’s campaign mail has been disingenuous:


* A mailing declares, “The only Supervisor endorsed by Mayor Lee.” Duh, he appointed her to the Board of Supervisors.


* Another mailing shows a photo of the racist graffiti that occurred in September, “No more Chinese,” and the words, “If you want justice,” and the photos of Christensen and Lee.  Using a despicable racist graffiti, and to employ a strategy of playing the “race baiting card” in this campaign, insults the intelligence of San Franciscans.


* Many mailings have tried to twist the distinguished record of Aaron Peskin as former Supervisor. San Franciscans can see through all that.


2. Mayor Lee did not veto the recently enacted “Evictions Protections 2.0″ legislation, authored by Supervisor Jane Kim and which was passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors 11-0.    Lee left it unsigned.    Is this action regarded as earning high marks on tenant rights”?


3. Supervisor Jane Kim would be an outstanding State Senator.


Supervisor Kim’s work is grassroots, community grounded, and for the best interests of the people and community that she is elected to serve.


Supervisor Kim’s opponent in the Senate race has received endorsements from certain powerful politicians in Sacramento.


Such endorsements smack of “good old boys” (and yes, now, even some “good old girls”) “machine politics.”    This “machine politics” is neither “progressive” nor “democratic.” It is anti-democratic.


Supervisor Kim’s endorsements are from the People.



San Francisco

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