To the Editor…

by on October 8, 2015

Subject: tenant relocation amounts

Sorry to not join the bandwagon for tenants fees, but they were simply too outrageous. having been a San Francisco property owner (and former tenant), the City did enough to drive us out with all the 5-yr plan fees and other never-ending gouges. my tenants were paid off by insurance, except for one who was living in what was an illegal unit; he got $3000 from my own pocket, the other four got $5000 apiece. so when Campos proposed his legislation, I was happy to no longer have to deal with this only-in-San Francisco nonsense. imagine my glee to see this onerous and vengeful provision thrown out by a judge. is there justice in the City? don’t know that answer, but a whole lot of property owners can now breathe a deserved sigh of relief.



Gordon Robertson

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