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by on November 7, 2013

A couple of clarifications re the item about the Bay Bridge…First: The non-binding resolution, ACR 65, that Sacramento lawmakers passed in September was to name the older Western span — not the new Eastern span — the “Willie L. Brown, Jr., Bridge” (not the “Willie L. Brown Bay Bridge”).Second: I am the author of the petition to name the Bay Bridge for Emperor Norton. The petition has been the focus of most of the recent coverage of this effort, which seeks to honor the Emperor for being the first, in 1872, to call for the design and construction of a bay-spanning suspension bridge from Oakland to San Francisco via Yerba Buena Island.The petition and the ongoing effort is to name the entire Bay Bridge — not just one span — for Emperor Norton.Indeed, it’s worth noting that supporters of ACR 65 have not suggested that successful implementation of the measure would mark the end of the “San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.”The latter name would continue to be the “main title” to which the name of the Western span would be one “subtitle.”It’s this main title — “San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge” — that is the focus of the Emperor Norton effort.JOHN LUMEAThe Emperor’s Bridge Campaign

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