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by on April 7, 2014

Why no comments section? The Chronicle allows public comments to be made on their site. Is this really the “voice of the rest?”I am a public school teacher at Burton High School as well as a lifelong resident of San Francisco. I am also a regular reader of your site.Current public sector raises proposed in SF are consistent with raises occurring across the state after seven years cut backs. LA city workers just got 5.5 percent. The Five Year Financial plan update shows a ballooning city budget. Why can’t the IPO money shoulder some of that burden?UESF members will possibly get a 4 percent wage increase this year(a guess)–none of which is coming from tech. I can’t move out of my rent-controlled apartment, because of unaffordable rents resulting fundamentally from tech and its effect on the local economy. How can my fellow 6000 members see tech’s role in our city in any kind of positive light if we only see negative consequences. In my econ classes I teach the unexpected consequences principle to my students–the results of economic choices do not have predictable outcomes. The consequences of our current economic policy in the mid-Market area–while made with good intentions–has hurt mid to low level residents like my students and myself. One of my senior students is applying for a job at the McDonalds on Geneva. How has the Twitter tax policy improved his prospects? The only chance he has to live in the city in which he grew up in is to live on his grandmother’s couch.It appears that your pro-business stance on the Twitter tax results from hopes for a windfall donation to your commendable non-profit. Don’t hold your breath.Best,Brendan

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