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by on January 22, 2013

Although the federal government has been underfunding the Housing there is no reason to make things worse when working by side by side with a Mayor who has the agenda to make the Housing worse. Look, this started with Newsom. Understand Newsom wanted a family who was in a Hunters point fire to be compensated for their loss with federal funds which the previous Director of Housing would not do. Those funds were compensated through the Housing insurance but wasn\’t enough in the suit. Why not pay the rest? Those funds were for Housing Authority residents. Funds needed to get the equipment, employees, and necessary improvements buildings needed desperately in need of repairs. Newsom didn’t care. For a guy who says he cares about poor people he really didn’t. But they in fact did find a way to get the rest of the funds by selling Housing Authority property. Again, reducing possible space for low income families. How was the legal, talk to H.U.D? Ed Lee is a pawn in this Housing Authority mess. Make no mistake about it I am not protecting Ed Lee in the decisions making when he could have made a difference when all these problems was brought to his office that he casually ignored. Don’t be so quick to think Amos Brown and the Housing Committee board had anymore sympathy to the situation as they too ignored problems brought to them.The Mayor, Amos Brown, and the director was sleeping in bed in what they were doing. The attack is from the government whom wants out of the Housing Authority business from both Republicans, and Democrats. The victims are the tenants, Union Employees, and everyone who tried to make the San Francisco Housing Authority a place where it could be called home. How can this be fixed? Try having a open forum at city hall with tenants, and Housing Authority employees. Not outside entities whom have no direct involvement. HUD representatives should also be attending these open forums.

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