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by on January 15, 2013

Randy, good article. Anybody who has been paying close attention to daily newspapers, anybody who knows and loves them, can feel them slip inexorably into the abyss. In some ways, good riddance. Printed newspapers are wasteful and eco-destructive, poisonous with their inks and ravenous in their destruction of trees and smog-producing in their distribution. But how I will miss the daily paper in the morning! Even the Chronicle, an institution I’ve hurled more profane epithets to than any other, including the Roman Catholic Church. And as much as I’ve embraced electronic media, the love of newsprint is hard-wired into me. If I would argue with any point that you’ve made, it would be that the publishers could have found a strategy to continue. I believe the technological gyres have turned, and most newspapers, without a niche or a national audience, will whither and die, no matter what strategy they undertook. There will be displacements and opportunities and unintended, unpredicted consequences, but that seems to be the trend.

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