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by on May 2, 2014

You note “In my opinion, Bardacke, Pawel, and Neuberger under analyze the nature of the racial state and the interaction of racial and economic oppression in the fields. And, these critics significantly failed to see the they dynamics of the struggle for Chicano/Mexican American self-determination within the UFW.”Since you had left the UFW in 1977, you did not witness many of the events that led to the decline of the UFW. I find your above referenced statement that the authors, Bardacke, Pawel etc. under analyzed ….and failed to see the dynamics for Chicano/Mexican self determination within the UFW , absurd. You infer that strategic colonial racism within the union explains, in part , its decline. This does not explain what happened to the Paid Reps in Salinas, the departures of Eliseo Medina, Gilbert Padilla, Jessica Govea, , and hundreds of others.. Kathy Murguia- UFW volunteer 1965-1983

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